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Read some amazing results from satisfied Plant Minerals customers from across Canada.

ValerieValerie S, Aurora, ON (Retired) I was introduced to Dr. Wallach’s minerals 10 years ago. At that time my head was shaking very bad. I thought I was starting to get Parkinson’s disease. The only answer my doctor could give me was well, you are getting older and brain cells start to die. Once I started to take the minerals the shaking stopped. I’m 88 years old now and I’ve never looked back. I ‘m out walking 20 minutes a day. As an added bonus, I no longer have cracked finger nails. I know the minerals are keeping me healthy and I’m enjoying being a senior.

KenKen B in Regina, SK (Manager) I was a type two diabetic with blood sugar levels as high as 24. I have tried everything to stabilize my blood sugar levels, nothing seemed to work. I heard a talk by Dr. Wallach in Regina and I thought I would give the Youngevity minerals products a try. Within 72 hours of taking the products my blood sugar levels were at 6.5 and have been there ever since. The change in my quality of life and how I feel every day cannot be explained in words.

Sue M, Brampton, ON (Administration Manager) - I have just started on the liquid plant minerals and I have noticed that my fingernails are growing fast and they are not brittle and breaking anymore. I’m very happy because I’m not the only one who has noticed this!

RalphRalph L., Roblin, MB (Farmer) – I am from a farm in Rural Manitoba, when I learned about our soils being mineral deficient from doctor Wallach I always knew I fed my livestock minerals all my life and now I thought it was time for myself and my family. I feel so much more energy and I am pain free my family does not go a day with out our youngevity minerals.

Jamie L, Woodbridge, ON I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for introducing me to the plant derived minerals for detox and energy. I find myself feeling much better and with a lot more energy. It has helped me be more productive at work and at home with my family. I have also noticed I have not been sick since taking my plant derived minerals on a regular basis. I would strongly recommended this product and have already referred it to fellow colleagues and team members on my soccer and hockey team. Once again thank you for making me aware of this truly great multi-mineral.

ArtArt E., Stonewall, MB – After two weeks there was little pain and I no longer wore a knee brace. After 3 weeks of taking these nutritional supplements and NO Pain killers . . . the pain was completely gone. I have more energy, no more arthritic symptoms or pain in my knee joints, no longer depressed, no longer have the cramps in my legs during the night . . . so no surgery is required. I am no longer taking prescription heart medication of any kind, just these supplements and my blood pressure is normal range.

Michele E, Newmarket ON What a difference in the way I feel inside and out - before I started the plant minerals I felt sluggish and could barely make it through the day without taking a cat nap. Even exercising was a chore. I started taking the minerals in March and started to notice a little improvement within a couple of weeks. After about a month my energy levels soared and now I'm up about 5:30am and don't stop (even to take a cat nap) until 10:30pm. I have more energy now than I ever had. Even my hair and skin seem to be more radiant. All I can say is I'm hooked.

TinaTina C., Limerick, SK (Iridologist) – I began taking the products and noticed that my nose bleeds have reduced and my binge eating or cravings have subsided allowing me to loose weight. We all know if that craving hits it is too late, we are going to eat whatever comes into sight. So it’s nice to not get that craving so I can keep on track with my nutritional plan. I am also pleased that I have felt very healthy on the Youngevity plant derived minerals.

Mark H., Georgetown, ON (Computer Technician) – Yes I have noticed a difference. I take the liquid in the morning with juice and I feel less hungry during the morning as it makes me feel full without the weighted feeling of a greasy breakfast. I feel like I have a jump start to my mornings now.

JennyJenny E., Stonewall, MB (Equipment Sales) – I have an abundance of energy, no more arthritic symptoms aches and pains in my joints, can now exercise on my treadmill without wanting to have a nap afterward, and the best of all – no more Cancer . . . so no surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. This was truly a life changing experience for me personally. I am writing you in hope that this information can help someone else who may have experienced similar health issues. I know everyone is different, but this did work so well for me. It is a miracle. The answer to my prayers. It is a work in progress everyday. The results are showing that we are on the right track to a longer, healthier life. Thank You so much. Blessings.


HelgiHelgi B., Lockport, MB (M.E.T. Practitioner) – The last 2 years have been difficult on me as I have suffered from ringing in my ears (tinnitus). I also have suffered from restless leg syndrome and this makes getting a restful sleep difficult. I have tried many products from doctors, natural practioners and no products seemed to help. I went to a health food store and she recommended the youngevity minerals. I purchased a bottle in November of 2010. My tinnitus stopped in 13 days and I was sleeping better by December. I have not missed a day and feel great. Thank you to the health food store that recommended this as it has changed my life!

Richard W., Sherwood Park, AB (Retired Sales Manager) – I started on the plant minerals about 2 months ago. I had been having trouble with red dry inflammation of the skin on my neck and patches on my face, and arm. After using the minerals for about 2 weeks, the redness disappeared, I noticed my energy levels were better and I have been sleeping better. This is a very good product that has produced more noticeable results than anything I have used in years. Thanks for a great product Dr. Wallach!!!

NorbertNorbert F., Woodworth, MB (Oilfield Truck Driver) – At the age of 52, I went for a stress test and it was recommended that I have an angiogram to be sure everything was okay. I did not leave the test area without a triple by-pass. After changing my diet and adding youngevity products, I have never felt better. My cholesterol is lower, my blood pressure is good and I have more energy. My arthritis in my shoulder is better and I notice an all over change in my body. The youngevity products are a part of my daily routine, I won’t go without them!

Colm W., Brampton, ON (Mechanic & Renovations) - I just wanted to say how much better I've been feeling since I started taking the minerals some months ago. I no longer have joint pain every day and have found that I have an overall feeling of more energy, and less aches and pains. I convinced my wife to try the minerals and even she has noticed changes for the better, her favourite being how quickly her nails are growing. I would definitely recommend this product, you have nothing to lose and lots to gain by giving it a try.

KathyKathy H., Virden, MB (Health Food Store Owner) – I own a health food store in rural Manitoba and I am exposed to many different products. After taking the Youngevity minerals, I have found that the products are of very high quality and have seen results in myself within a few months. Our customer base is also seeing results and the return sales have been very impressive! I will continue to carry youngevity products!

Donna D. Brampton, ON (Technical Systems Manager) - Regarding the Majestic Earth Plant derived Minerals I just wanted to let you know that this supplement has helped me tremendously with my energy. Even though I go to the Gym 5 days a week I was always feeling sluggish in the morning and even after I worked out I felt tired. It was about a month after taking Majestic Earth Plant Minerals that I realized I was not feeling this way anymore and even after my work out I still have energy throughout the day. I would definitely recommend this product to my friends and family.

PamPam K, Camrose, AB (Registered Nurse) When I was 27 and a mother of two toddlers I had a growth removed from my thyroid. The growth turned out to be benign however part of my thyroid was also removed during the procedure. I tried not to go on thyroid supplements but after one year I was forced to as I could not stay awake during the day. This was not safe with two young children in the house. I felt much better on thyroid medication but one side effect was black line staining on my teeth. Three years ago I started taking herbal supplements for my thyroid and no longer needed to take medication. Last November after hearing Dr. Wallach speak in Regina at the Agribition I decided to try Youngevity minerals. I currently no longer need to take any herbs for my thyroid and only seem to need the plant minerals, essential fatty acids and a vitamin supplement. I have more energy and have had no colds this winter. It took about six months before I felt that I did not need to take the herbs as well as the minerals. Over the last three years on herbs and now the minerals I have lost about 25 pounds. I am very happy with how I feel and plan to continue the mineral supplementation.

JeffJeff M, Halton Hills, ON (Natural Health Practitioner) – My sleeping has improved a great deal with the liquid Plant Minerals. My legs feel much more rested and my leg aches are now gone. I add the plant minerals to my protein shake each morning and with it it makes me full. With these improvements I feel like I have more energy now.

Sukhi S, Brampton, ON (Customer Service & Fitness Consultant) - Since taking the Plant Derived Minerals I am full of energy, no fatigue or tiredness, and I am much more alert and no longer tired after my workouts. I have also noticed that my cravings for sweets is gone. If I forget to take the minerals on the weekend, my cravings come back.

MurrayMurray C., Assiniboia, MB (Farmer) – I have concerns about high blood pressure and have been on medication for this for the past 20 years. I began the program in Janurary, 2011 with youngevity products. After following the program closely for 90 days, I was able to cut the medications in half. I monitor my blood pressure daily and hope to be off my medication within a year.

Cathy N., Blyth, ON I began taking Plant Derived minerals about two and a half months ago. I also take Osteo FX, EFA and gluco-gel. Before taking them I was on a pain patch for chronic back pain, need a knee replacement and general feeling pain all over. I have been off the pain patch for 5 weeks and only take one T3 at bedtime. I'm hoping soon to be off all pain medication. This stuff really works!

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Contains 75 Organic Plant Minerals

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